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Our philosophy is that supplements are literally supplemental

At the Clinic of Natural Medicine, supplements are selected and prescribed by your naturopathic physician. A healthy diet and lifestyle must be in place to create the foundation that supplements can then complement. For example, supplementing the Standard American Diet (a.k.a. the “SAD diet,” composed of processed foods and bad fats) may produce some benefit for a given condition. But using supplements in conjunction with good dietary practices greatly enhances any beneficial effects you may obtain from integrative medicine.


Quality Supplements

Many products do not meet the claims on their labels. This is a legitimate concern, as interest in natural medicine surges, and unscrupulous companies unfortunately take advantage.
In order to assure high quality, we recommend companies that have a proven track record that offer post production testing of their capsules or tablets.

We carry a variety of supplements at our clinic, many of which perform post-production assays of their products and / or are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified. In addition, clinical outcomes in our office are tracked by the physicians, allowing observation ​of supplements that achieve predictable results.​ Supplements that have dubious quality due to instability:

Fish oils-Can be contaminated with PCB’s and/ or heavy metals. Also, go rancid quickly.
Essential fatty acids (All flax, borage, evening primrose, etc. are broken down with light, oxygen and heat)
Acidophilus supplements-Since acidophilus is a living organism, die off can happen with heat, light or a weak strain of acidophilus.

Bulk powdered herbs or nutrients-the surface area exposed to air is greater for powders, giving them a shorter shelf life. They must be kept away from air and light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which supplements are right for me?

There are an overwhelming number of supplements on the shelves today. During your initial consultation at our clinic, your physician will thoroughly review the supplements you are currently taking. The quantity, quality and form of the nutrients as well as any potential interactions with your prescriptive medications will be discussed. Precision in choosing the right supplements can save you time, money and energy. Our physicians will guide you and explain what is best for your particular situation.

How are Supplements chosen?

Through education and experience, the physicians at the Clinic of Natural Medicine create a personalized program of supplements tailored to strengthen weakened organ systems, replace nutrient deficiencies, aide the body in repair and relieve symptoms. It is important to realize that any given vitamin, mineral, or herbal supplement often has effects on several systems at once. Knowledge of all of the effects of a given supplement can help in choosing one supplement that addresses several aspects of one’s health. For example, someone who has mild depression and recurrent viral throat infections may do well with herbs such as St. John’s Wort or Licorice, each of which has anti-viral and anti-depressive effects. Licorice also supports the adrenal glands, so someone with fatigue may benefit from its use. Licorice, however, should not be used long-term in those with hypertension or any condition in which potassium is excreted in high quantities. Depending upon the desired outcome, the herbs can be combined with amino acids, vitamins or minerals to enhance the effects. There are literally thousands of combinations that can be found for any given condition. The physicians at the Clinic of Natural Medicine can guide you to the program that is just right for you.

What if I have no access to good supplements in my town?

In order to provide high quality supplements to our patients at a distance, we have created a supplement buying site. This site is only for patients that we have consulted with and can be found at ​​​

The passcode for 10% off retail is on your receipt, or you can call and Monica or Verna will give it to you verbally.​