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Choosing the most helpful integrative approaches during cancer treatment

Dr. Niesley has worked in an integrative hospital setting, alongside medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists.  She will provide both you and your cancer care team with the latest research to help you choose the most beneficial integrative approaches.  Conventional and natural therapies work powerfully when used together.

Our patients receive a lot of information from multiple sources–the internet, friends and family members, other patients–all with the goal of helping you get well.  During chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, Dr. Niesley will help you prioritize your supplements, and identify other lifestyle factors, like diet and exercise, that may help reduce side-effects.   Once conventional treatment has ended, Dr. Niesley examines all aspects of your health to improve your quality of life and identify factors that may have allowed the cancer to grow in the first place.  As a naturopathic physician, she looks at every aspect of your health–not just the cancer diagnosis.  She believes that survivorship begins at diagnosis, and your long-term health plays a key role in helping us design our recommendations.  She also supports you by providing you with the space you need as a patient is to get better–Dr. Niesley will help you separate fact form fiction regarding which integrative therapies may be most beneficial for your specific case.

More effective care, improved quality of life

The goals of naturopathic support are:

  • Decrease side-effects of conventional treatment.
  • Address organ damage induced by conventional treatments (i.e., liver, kidney, nerve, etc.)
  • Address nutritional deficiencies known to be induced by the conventional treatment.
  • Address any concurrent health conditions and medications being taken.
  • Maintain muscle mass and hydration.
  • Boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy, radiation or other treatment.
  • Support detoxification and healing after conventional treatment had ended.
  • Provide a clear survivorship plan to continue to improve your overall health.

The road to optimal health

Dr. Niesley makes recommendations regarding diet, lifestyle choice, exercise, stress reduction, vitamins, minerals, herbs, acupuncture, and other methods to prevent recurrence and enjoy a higher quality of life.  Your first visit with Dr. Niesley is only the first step in a long-term relationship on the road to optimal health.