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Welcome to Pacific Integrative Oncology!

Dr. Dunn and Dr. Niesley are accepting new oncology patients. If you do not have cancer and are interested in seeing Dr. Niesley, please click the button below to access Dr. Niesley’s Intake form.
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We’ve Moved!

On June 1st we settled into our new location at
4175 East Amazon Drive, Eugene, OR, 97405

We look forward to sharing our new office with you!
Questions? Call us at (541) 338-9494

Important COVID-19 Update


All patients should click here to read how our practice is adjusting during this time.

Why choose Pacific Integrative Oncology?

Our naturopathic physicians Stacy Dunn, ND, MSOM, FABNO, and Michelle Niesley, ND, MS, FABNO, have a combined over 30 years helping patients to separate fact from fiction regarding how to best treat their cancer.   Doctors Dunn and Niesley are two of only 130 naturopathic doctors nationwide to obtain the status of “Fellows of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology” (FABNO).  They have worked in multiple inpatient cancer treatment hospitals, and passed a rigorous naturopathic oncology board exam to obtain the FABNO status.  You can be sure that your integrative oncology plan will be evidence-based and provide you with the best of both conventional therapy and integrative medicine.

We are uniquely trained physicians with natural medicine infused throughout our formal medical education.


Herbal Medicine


Nutritional Medicine




Cancer Specific

We are uniquely trained physicians with natural medicine infused throughout our formal medical education. Naturopathic physicians receive extensive training in nutrition, homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, and herbal medicine combined with standard training all physicians receive in pharmacology, physiology, clinical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, and other areas of study.

While medical school provided a foundation for a lifetime of learning, the naturopathic physicians at Pacific Integrative Oncology have had a variety of professional experiences that have shaped their unique expertise.  Observation of our patients, assessment of their progress, collaboration with our peers, and continual feedback from thousands of patients, results in better care for the next patient. Our clinical expertise saves our patients time, money, and frustration, while providing a plan.

We do not have set protocols. We do not have a program.

We customize treatment for each patient. It is the only way to provide the best care possible, and cannot be found in any book, website, or other avenue.

Natural Medicine and Conventional Cancer Treatments

If you or someone you know are receiving cancer treatment that includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery, some natural medicines are not only safe to, but are recommended to use with conventional therapies to improve quality of life and increase efficacy.  However, just because a substance is ‘natural’ does not mean it is ‘safe’ or is recommended with any type of cancer.  Determining what diets, nutritional supplements, botanical medicines, exercise, and other integrative therapies are appropriate for a specific cancer, cancer treatment, and any other conditions a patient may have requires experience and expertise.  The naturopathic doctors affiliated with Pacific Integrative Oncology have worked with thousands of patients with cancer, and can help you navigate your journey—from initial diagnosis through survivorship.

Meet our Specialists

We appreciate the trust our patients have in us, and know that our goal is to determine what is at the core of the issues that are preventing our patients from maintaining optimal health. Our doctors continue to learn more about our patients with each interaction, which helps us to tailor your plan specifically to you.

What our patients say:

“Thank you for your ongoing participation in my health and wellness. I cannot imagine where I would be without your help. I am feeling very well overall right now, even with the Tamoxifen. You are an amazing naturopathic doctor, and your positive impact goes beyond words.” – JZ

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