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We make a bold claim: We are experts in natural medicine

While that may sound like hyperbole, it isn’t. We are uniquely trained physicians with natural medicine infused throughout our formal medical education. That included nutrition, homeopathy, nutraceuticals and herbal medicine alongside pharmacology, physiology, clinical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, etc., etc. Of course, like any formal education, medical school provided a foundation for a lifetime of learning.


Continuous Education

It is through doing your job that you learn how to do it well

Practicing any task leads to improvement in both execution and efficiency. This is no different in medicine: practicing in a focused area of medicine for many years results in a certain level of competence that cannot be gotten through merely reading. Observation of our patients, reassessment of assumptions, collaboration with our peers and continual feedback from thousands of patients results in better care for the next patient. Through experience, we save our patients the time, money and frustration that self diagnosis/self care can entail.


Ongoing education is essential. Not only does the state of Oregon mandate that each of us document 50 hours of continuing education (physician level) annually, but our responsibility to our patients well-being demands even more than that 50 hours.


With the cultural shift toward natural medicine that is currently happening, there is more research being published than ever.


The effects of nutrients, herbs, diet and lifestyle on various disease states continually changes. Keeping up with the latest studies and ensuring we offer the most up to date care for our patients is a responsibility we take seriously.


Customized Treatment for each Patient

We do not have set protocols. We do not have a program. While more labor intensive, we customize the work up and treatment for each patient. It is the only way to provide the best care possible. It is also another reason that what we cannot be found in any book, website or other venue. There may be several books or websites we will recommend to help you understand your treatment, but your treatment will never follow any single person, entity or paradigm.

We appreciate the trust our patients put in our expertise

We work hard to stay on top of our field. It is this trust that allows both the patient and the doctor to move forward- the patient feeling better and the doctor continuing to learn with each interaction. It is an essential part of the process, and we are confident the level of expertise our naturopaths exude will instill the level of trust needed for you to to begin your road to optimal health.